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Lord Dhanwantri Ayurvedic Cancer Hospital

Jhang Colony ,,Near Bajrang Bhawan ,
Rohtak - 124001
Contact No. : 9253873567, 9996615454, 9996885555


"Lord Dhanwantri Ayurvedic Cancer Hospital" is situated in Rohtak, the cultural city of Haryana, India.
Lord Dhanwantri Ayuvedic Cancer Hospital is the Only International Ayurveda Treatment Centre for the Most Deadly Disease Cancer. Atharva is the Only International Ayurveda Treatment Centre For the Most Deadly Disease Cancer.
Lord Dhanwantri Ayurvedic Cancer Hospital Has Developed Its Unique Ayurveda Treatment to Reduce the Side effect of Radiotherapy And Chemotherapy in All Types Of Cancer.
" Lord Dhanwantri Ayuvedic Cancer Hospital " is located in very posh & peaceful area of the city Rohtak, where u will feel absolutely homely atmosphere, peace & unfogetable loving approach by its founders, Dr. S. Dhanwantri, truely dedicated to Ayurveda & devoted to patients coming for their various problems.
Lord Dhanwantri Ayurvedic Cancer Hospital is situated in the heart of city, Railway Station is situated just 10 minutes from Lord Dhanwantri Cancer Hospital.
Also there are 5 star and 3 star Hotels Are Here for the patients from Abroad And for NRI‘s Who can enjoy their India Visit with lots of comfort at Lord Dhanwantri Ayurvedic Cancer Hospital.

Doctor Message :

In India, Ayurveda is in the blood of each person, in each house of each street, in each village as well as each city. To bring Ayurveda in the society with its true and good effects is our main Aim. Ayurveda is like the “SUN” and we, as the rays of it; want to create a “HEALTHY SOCIETY’ by the guidelines of Ayurvedic Science.

Lord Dhanwantri Ayurvedic Cancer Hospital is a “WELLNESS CLINIC’, in which the above Aim is thought. So that a person does not become ill. For that here proper guidance / Advice / Treatment will be given. Here the method to live long life will be given.

For all the diseases of mind & body, we provide here best, pure & fresh anyrvedic Medicines & panchkarma treatments as per our science.

We want to make our Ayurveda Science & Panchakarma Therapy ”More Popular”, “Non-invasive” & “User friendly” in todays Modern life style in its original & scientific way.

Advantage of Ayurveda Treatment :

Ayurveda is the oldest system of medicine in India. It is the Science of Life (‘veda' (science) of ‘ayur’ (life span)). This Indian system of medicine is a gift of the ‘vedic’ ages and is being practiced even today in the traditional form. Prime importance is given to the psychological as well as physiological status of the patient unlike any other system of medicine. This helps to decide suitable protocols of treatment that enable them to live happily without any complaints. 

Traditional techniques and processes are used to prepare the medicines at home, while certain amount of mechanization is inevitably used for large scale production. The beauty of the therapeutics is that they contain the active principles in their natural forms and their administration in prescribed dozes does not cause any side effects to the patients.

Cancer has attracted an attention of Scientists, Physicians and surgeons of the world.
As it stands today, there is no permanent remedy for cancer of long- Standing duration. The individual who suffers from this disease only experience the pain and agony caused by it. It is the duty of every physician. Whether Allopathic, Ayurvedic or Homeopathic system of medicine to find out the cause of the disease and to cure it permanently. I am one of the protagonists of Ayurvedic system of medicine. In this Book
I have tried to give a picture of the factors that are enumerated in Indian systems of medicines.
The Tumour will occur as result of improper treatment of granthis (glandular enlargement). The Arbuda is a later manifestation of granthi can occur in the following places (Charaka sutra 19 I 6& 7)

1. Throat 2. Tongue 3. Gum 4. Mandible
5. Palate 6. Lips 7. Head 8. Nose
9. Alimentary Tract 10. Breast   11. Lungs 12. Stomach
13. Uterus 14. Penis 15. Scortum 16. Anus  
17. Skin      

ln Ayurveda Arbuda is produced due to many causes, there are 6 types of granthis. Earnest attempt is made to depict the causative factors for the disease, types and their treatment as told in samhitas and practised even today by ayurveda vaidyas. The photos of patients which are inserted. The Cancer patients who are rejected by Allopathic and other systems of Medicine were treated successfully with pure Ayurveda treatment. This creates a confidence not only in the Cancer Patients but also the Doctors of other systems of Medicine who are in India or Abroad. The mortality and morbidity of Cancer patients are very high Prophylactic measures are, No smoking, No drinking, and correct diet practices from the early age of life will sure to prevent Cancer disease. Most of the Cancer is due to diet or nutrition, 70 percent of Cancer is due to bad life styles and bad environment, like pollution, Beaf steak and broiled fish may be the cause for Cancer, in addition to causes described in Ayurveda the bad dietary abits leading to.
This is mainly due to excessive use of alcohol, and tobacco and use of irritant pungent foods will hasten the formation of Cancer in the oesophagus.
Stomach Cancer
Stomach Cancer is very common in South America, Japan, and other parts of Asia but low incidence of Cancer is seen in United States. Even though they use Beef and non vegetarian diet to a maximum including drinking of alcohol ; Cancer is possible due to formation of N-Nitreso compounds leading to Nitroamines, Irregular in take of food which will precipitates its growth.
Live Cancer :-
Liver Cancer is mainly due to hepatis ‘B infection and it is very common in south east Asia and subsaharan African, The use of Food adulterated with aflatoxin may cause Cancer. The food grown with chemical fertilizers may also cause this disease.
Lung Cancer:
The main cause for lung Cancer is smoking and it is also due to venereal disease, as Syphilis.
Breast Cancer and ovarian Cancer :
Food that comes in the way of hormonal secretions can be a contributory factor to stimulate Breast Cancer. The ovarian Cancer is very common in western countries and united states. It is more common in more civilised type of people. Venereal diseases and fat may, be the causative factors for production of Breast and ovarian Cancers.
Bladder Cancer: -
Bladder cancer is very common in poor class of people who are subjected to smoking, Coffee drinking and the use of artificial sweetener and some times alcohol.
Prostate Cancer:-
The use of high fats in the diet may causeprostate Cancer. Fresh vegetables and fruits grown without chemical fertilizers if used daily prevent the cause of Cancer disease in different parts of the body. The daily use of Emblica officinal is (Amalaki ) which contains excessive vitamins C and other foods containing Vitamin ‘E and carotenoids will retard the formation of Cancer The use of onion and garlic and Turmeric in the diet will, do some

Animal proteins and fat are the main predisposing factors for the causation of rectal Cancers. Sometimes even the use of Alcohols will produce colon and rectum Cancers.



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